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Frequently Asked Questions

OnePay strives to achieve and maintain a positive relationship with our customers by providing several methods of reporting and easy access to information and our knowledgeable/helpful staff. The following information is provided to you in an effort to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding maintaining your OnePay merchant account. Additional OnePay publications address chargebacks and retrieval requests, proper processing of transactions, and discount rate qualifications.

All requests for changes to your merchant account must be made in writing and signed by the account principal that signed the original Merchant Application and Agreement. All requests must also include the business name and the OnePay merchant account number. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at (877) 698-7637 with any additional questions you may have regarding your OnePay merchant account.

  • How do I change my address and/or telephone number?
    A simple request in writing can be faxed to the attention of our Customer Service Department at (877) 698-7637. Upon receipt, the change will be completed within two (2) business days
  • How do I change the business checking account information that is linked to my OnePay merchant account?
    It is extremely important to notify OnePay immediately upon any change to the checking account that is linked to your OnePay merchant account. Failure to notify OnePay may result in the delayed deposit of funds to your checking account or funding to the wrong checking account. A void check for the new account must be faxed to our Customer Service Department at (877) 698-7637. In the event of a starter check, a bank letter is also required. The change will be completed within two (2) business days. The original checking account should be left open with funds available during the transition to the new checking account.
  • How do I start accepting American Express, Discover, or JCB cards?
    A merchant account number must first be obtained prior to accepting the above card types. OnePay has the ability to establish and set up any non-bank card accounts on your behalf. Please contact your Sales Representative or OnePay for assistance.
  • How do I change my business name and/or the description of my business appearing on my customers' billing statements?
    If there is a change in the business name and/or DBA, the Articles of Incorporation must be provided to OnePay. To make this change to your merchant account, please fax a written request to our Customer Service Department at (877) 698-7637.
  • How do I increase my processing limits?
    This request must be submitted in writing with the new ticket amount and average monthly volume amount. To make this change to your merchant account, please fax the written request to our Customer Service Department at (877) 698-7637. Please include your DBA name and merchant number in your request.
  • How do I change the ownership information if I've recently acquired or sold the business?
    The new owner must complete a new Merchant Application and Agreement. Contact your Sales Representative for assistance, or you may contact OnePay directly at (877) 698-7637 .
  • How do I know what has been deposited into and/or deducted from my checking account by OnePay?
    This information is available in several formats. A monthly processing statement is mailed the first week of each month for the preceding month's activity. Checking your bank statement is also an option. Deposits and withdrawals will be listed on your bank statement as "Bankcard Processing". A third option is to call our Customer Service Department at (877) 698-7637.
  • How frequently are funds deposited into my business checking account?
    Activity on your merchant account is processed on a daily basis and is reported according to the processing date. The transfer of funds to or from your checking account takes place through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Depending on your merchant account type, the transfer may vary from 2 to 5 business days. Weekends and Federal holidays are not considered as business days.